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The Bear Essential: The Glock 43 as a Bear Gun


There’s solely a distinction of 1 between a 43 and 44 proper? What a few G43 and a .44 magnum?  That’s my considering….simply kidding! Over time, my bear weapons have been getting smaller. From a 12 gauge pump, to a 30-30, to a .44 magnum revolver then to a 10mm, to a double stack 9mm Glock 26, and now to a single stack Glock 43. I’ve discovered a lot over that point. Whereas I’m not prepared to think about a +P .22LR Glock 44 for bears, the development has been each certainly one of practicality and want, and really is sensible. Form of.

By Doc Montana, contributing creator to Survival Cache and SHTFblog.com

Over 99 p.c of the time I’m headed out into the wilds with little greater than a water bottle and pocket knife, and infrequently and not using a water bottle. And that’s as a result of I wander into the sticks virtually on daily basis. That mentioned, I’ve needed to make selections about what to hold, and if minimalism is crucial, then I would like an important bear gun choice as properly. Thus, the G43 Bear Important.

Let me be very clear: I don’t wish to ever kill a bear except I’m intentionally looking one. However the bear may need completely different concepts about me or the folks I’m with. All that mentioned, I do imagine that bear spray is the primary and finest different. Nevertheless, bear spray doesn’t final without end, and it has a restricted vary, is delicate to wind, and may be arduous to make use of for various seconds. Due to this fact I’ve a go-to backup of a bear gun of some type.

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Whereas larger is best, particularly with regards to bears, larger can be much less handy. Pardon the pun, however heavy weighs in your actions. Taking part in within the forest with 5 kilos of stainless .44, ammo and chest rig does get outdated. So as soon as shifting off the Soiled Harry platform, issues change into versatile. A .44 to a .41 is just not an excessive amount of of a leap. Neither is a .41 to a .357. And if a 10mm is sort of a .41ish, then a 9mm is sort of a sluggish .357ish.  However then a plus-P 9mm actually blurs the strains. Add some actual intel like the 9mm stopping a charging Alaska brown bear (aka grizzly), and the universe simply expanded.

Having expertise with bears, +P .44 Magazine ammo, and +P 10mm, I can say via expertise, that taking pictures a +P 9mm, even via a mouse-ish pistol just like the G43 is nothing to concern. A 9mm simply can not pack sufficient oomph to recoil past anticipated gun exercise. Comply with-up pictures are fast, and you could possibly shoot 9mm +P all day lengthy in the event you might afford it. The 10mm is snappy, and +P simply makes it extra stunning. The .44 magazine +P, however, is like swinging an aluminium baseball bat right into a brick wall six instances in a row earlier than reloading. It’s a present that retains giving via wrists and forearms. So in a nutshell, a bonus of a 9mm +P bear load is you can speedy hearth as a result of the muzzle (in a skilled hand) received’t transfer far off course throughout recoil.

One other problem with a bear gun is definitely pulling it on a bear. I meet many of us new to the actual woods that assume they are going to have loads of time to evaluate and react when a bear seems. That’s like a brand new driver considering they will keep away from a collision or a recent confronted motorbike rider who doesn’t want a helmet as a result of they don’t plan on crashing, and in that case, they received’t hit their head. I’ve to chew my tongue once I see an outdated highschool buddy studying to stroll once more after a minor tumble off his Harley.

Since bears have a behavior for showing with out warning, and behaving considerably unpredictable, there’s a superb probability that by the point you get to course of and react to a bear encounter, you could be rolled up in a ball on the forest ground. For that purpose, I’ve labored on what I name the “Fetal Carry.”

Think about curled up in a ball with a bear respiration down your neck. So as to draw from a standard holster, you would want to uncurl a bit and attain round arduous to the facet. Dangerous concept in case you are making an attempt to persuade a grizzly you might be useless. As an alternative, think about with the ability to pull your gun along with your proper hand from someplace in your left, all whereas enjoying useless in a ball on the bottom.

My resolution was to move to Craft Holsters and get arrange with a pleasant leather-based cross draw holster for my Glock 43 bear gun. The leather-based cross draw pancake from Craft Holsters is a splendidly succesful and versatile holster precisely for the aim I would like it for. Cross draw holsters are common with those that would possibly want to attract from a seated place or have some affinity reaching throughout one’s physique reasonably than round. Cross draw holsters can mimic appendix carry, or weak hand hip holsters. And talking of weak hand, whereas a weak hand draw from a robust hand mounted cross draw holster (sorry, I don’t know the place to put all of the hyphens), is feasible, it takes a bit follow to get the bends proper. That mentioned, I believe you could possibly determine it out with a disgruntled grizzly at dangerous breath distance.

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To assist within the wearability of the Craft cross draw pancake holster is using a webbing strap or easy belt worn individually from the normal belt. This strap belt permits for straightforward on/off of the holster, fast tightening and loosening, and big adjustability in size permitting for sporting the holster on the skin of a cumbersome coat, or exterior athletic shorts.

A second carry choice for extra civilized environs was additionally sourced from Craft Holsters with the Concealment Belt Pouch with internal holster. The G43 suits effective together with an additional journal. The rip-open design permits for fast entry, all whereas actually exhibiting world-class incognito. The Belt Pouch can be fairly efficient for all these out of doors pursuits the place cumbersome clothes, specialised clothes, and even the shortage of clothes limits carry choices. And it’s a effective basic carry/storage choice as properly. The coup de grâce with the Belt Pouch, nonetheless, features a SWAT-T tourniquet nestled into the small zippered entrance pocket. Keep in mind, ought to the Bear Important must be pulled into service, there’s a higher than common probability {that a} tourniquet will probably be wanted as properly.

All that mentioned, I even have a Blackhawk Serpa for the G43, in addition to a Safariland lively retention holster. So I’ve experimented with varied choices all via the lens of minimalism. For if I am going exterior the minimalist idea, I’ll transfer to a bigger caliber with out hesitation.

Since exercise outdoor often includes sweat, water, and their offspring, mud, I severely encourage anybody contemplating this to put in one thing on the pistol grip to enhance grip. I take advantage of Talon Grips that are a easy stick-on tape-like resolution that weighs nothing and can all the time work.

For 9mm bear ammo, I went to the place I often go: Buffalo Bore Ammo. Their 9mm Outdoorsman solid cast bullets are designed to penetrate, not develop. Relatively than the most important wound channel, the strong casts are for penetration and breaking bones. The metabolism of a bear is sluggish sufficient that you just personally may be shredded and useless lengthy earlier than the mortally injured bear collapses for good.

The Buffalo Bore Outdoorsman 147 grain arduous forged bullets go away the G43 barrel at round 1050 ft per second. That’s about 395 foot/kilos of vitality on the muzzle, with it dropping to about 365 ft/lbs at 25 yards. Sounds all effective and dandy till you examine it to one thing just like the .44 magazine +P+ arduous forged rounds I take advantage of in my Ruger Alaskan. In that case, the 340-grain .44 Magnum bullet is leaving the muzzle at about 1300 ft per second, carrying round 1275 foot kilos of vitality. Or in different phrases, the vitality of the .44 +P+ out at round 700 yards is identical as of the G43 on the muzzle. Okay, not fairly so comforting, however whoever mentioned utilizing a handgun to have interaction an agitated bear within the wild was comfy? It definitely wasn’t Hugh Glass.

The fashionable 9mm is just not your grandpa’s ballistics. The 9 is a real performer, and with the explosion of pistol caliber carbines in 9mm, there’s a resurgent curiosity within the general capabilities of the 9 even out to lengthy distances. And shortly after that’s the consideration of utilizing the 9mm as an precise looking spherical for critters as much as deer-sizes.

In the long run, nonetheless, bears, like sharks, have a unpredictability past most. They will seem with out warning. Fully ignore you. Chase you down unprovoked. Or mount a bluff assault. Whereas bear spray is a confirmed deterrent, generally an alternative choice is required. And in my case proper now, the G43 Bear Important is what will probably be in my hand.


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