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Lessons Learned: After Armageddon (History Channel)


With the world facing the Covid-19 novel Coronavirus global pandemic, I thought it would be a good time to review one of my favorite pandemic shows, After Armageddon. In 2010, History Channel aired After Armageddon, a docudrama about the survivors of a deadly global flu pandemic with actual doctors, self defense experts and emergency preparedness officials weighing in on what could happen in a real pandemic. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest “How to Deal with a Pandemic” shows ever produced with real advice on what could really happen and how to prepare. When the show first aired, it opened a lot of people’s eyes (including mine) to just how fragile our society really is when it comes to our “Just In Time” supply chain system of food, fuel and supplies. While we are still a long ways from a civil unrest, this show has a lot of good takeaways. After Armageddon is worth a watch and hopefully you can pick out some lessons from these experts and the best part is that it is free (see below). Stay positive, help your neighbors and we will all get through this together. Remember, you never want to panic but you also never want to be the last person who panics.

Contributed by By Mark, Former Marine Reconnaissance Team Leader, Marine Infantry Officer, Cross Fit Coach, and Survivalist.

Key Lessons From After Armageddon

-Liquid fuels are “The Mother of All Dominoes” – Rookies are running around trying to buy toilet paper, Pros are stocking up on fuel.

-We are 9 meals away from anarchy. After a person goes without food for 3 days, all bets are off.

-Keep in mind, New Orleans descended into anarchy in just 4 days after Katrina.

-People will form gangs to get the resources they need.

-Better to not be seen than to try to fight. Stay invisible. (Grey Man)

-It takes dense populations to have a pandemics, cities will be the most vulnerable.

-Medical supplies will be in short supply. (Handling Emergencies)

-The world has changed and it is not going to go back to the way it was before.

-You will need some kind of security (knife, gun, bat, etc.)

-Avoid roads, a secondary event of a pandemic will be gridlock on major highways & freeways.

-You will need a Bug Out Bag – pack light to move fast.

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