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How To Clean and Eat Skunk


My survival buddy Jeremy, who goes by One Wildcrafter on YouTube, and I, could also be one of many few individuals who best way to catch a skunkhave ever completely consumed skunk, and I imply, not only one chunk, however the entire animal!  And whereas we’ve solely simply eaten the one, we could also be thought-about consultants as a result of close to as I can inform, there is no such thing as a different dwelling proof documented of the overall edibility of skunk, and the right way to put together it for a meal, anyplace!  Whereas some historic information from the 1800’s point out skunk in cursory method, none go into sufficient element to correctly carry out the skinning operation efficiently.

By The Wooded Beardsman, a contributing creator to SHTFBlog & Survival Cache

So buckle up, I’m about to indicate you the right way to deliver a skunk to the desk! First chances are you’ll marvel why anybody wouldhow to catch a skunk hassle with a skunk, and it’s a good query.  The best reply that I can present is that in an SHTF situation, skunk is perhaps a kind of few species that is still untargeted, leaving these of us with iron stomachs free reign.  Actually, skunks have only a few pure predators, and for good motive – they’re typically thought-about unpalatable to anybody unskilled and affected person sufficient to appropriately wield a pointy implement to diffuse natures unique scent bomb.

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First Step

First it’s good to know the right way to lure them.  Fortunately, that’s the straightforward half.  My go to for trapping reside animals is peanut butter – that can get you something from a raccoon (if you’re fortunate) to a possum.  However should you actually desire a skunk, simply attempt your luck once more, finally you’ll get one!

Strategy the lure with care and choose the critter off with a .22 LR and be accomplished with it.  When you agitated the skunk, itcan you eat skunk might spray and render the operation a failure.  You actually don’t need them to spray.  When you get a docile member of the species, you possibly can generally method with a blanket held in entrance to hide your silhouette, transfer slowly, and canopy for transportation. After the animal is dispatched, clear it nicely.  Wash with heat soapy water with rubber gloves, being attentive to the crevices and anal area.


Subsequent, pat and grasp the animal to dry by each hind legs.  Along with your knife, work as every other animal, chopping up the legs and ringing the ft.  Now comes the difficult half.  You’ll wish to free to whole intestine system – the entire “practice.”  Somewhat than sever the tube, work between the anal canal and the pelvis (not within the canal – the skin space) releasing the tract of connective in order that it slips out and in simply inside the pelvis.  Use your finger for this solely.

When the connective tissue is free, you possibly can then tie the intestines utilizing string in two locations and reduce in between sobest way to cook skunk that no liquid is spilled (that is a lot simpler to display slightly than clarify so make sure you watch the accompanying video).  Watch out to not mess around with any of the tissues across the anus anymore than essential as spilled liquid will find yourself on the meat giving it that distasteful taste we affiliate with skunk – burnt tire and garlic.  You’ll get speedy suggestions on this because the extra you progress the tissues, the extra odor is launched.

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After you have the anal glands eliminated, you possibly can work the remainder of the pores and skin off simply as every other animal. It’s possible you’ll best way to cook skunksuppose you’re dwelling free now, however there’s extra.  Rigorously examine for any fats tissues which will conceal different scent glands.  We discovered some within the pits of the legs, across the neck and numerous different places.  These appear to be small mild coloured beans.  Take away all of those or chances are you’ll find yourself with extra off flavors.  When you’ve deglanded raccoon earlier than, you understand how to do that already.

Within the ultimate product, we observed solely a really minor trace of skunk odor with a lot of the taste merely candy meat. I desire cooking as a stew since it is a lean meat.  When you’ve accomplished issues appropriately, you want no particular strategies of preparation, season to style and revel in!

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