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Survival Gear Review: Doan Magnesium Bar


There are various methods to make fireplace. From primitive friction fireplace to modern-day butane lighters. One specific manner has been round since 1973 and has been in Best Keychain Firestartermany a navy survival equipment. That piece of substances is the Doan Magnesium Bar. After I first began my present on youtube I inspired all of the hosts to deliver gear that they thought could be good. My one buddy purchased a magnesium bar. I appreciated the concept. It was gasoline and an ignition supply multi functional. We tried to make it work but it surely simply wasn’t taking place. Certain there might have been some consumer error however after some experimenting the true downside was that it wasn’t a Doan Magnesium Bar. The bar my buddy purchased was a knockoff model and was not of the identical high quality as a Doan.

By Grimm, a contributing writer to SHTFBlog & Survival Cache

Doan magnesium bars have a lot of advantages. Like I stated earlier it’s a gasoline supply and an ignition supply multi functional. The embedded ferro rod supplies a pleasant sizzling sturdy spark to ignite the magnesium shavings that present a fast however very highly regarded flame. For the reason that bar is simply that, a bar of magnesium, there isn’t a fear of shifting components or water logging.  One doesn’t have to fret about it breaking or leaking its valuable gasoline. The flame itself is a profit as a result of it produces a 5400F flame. That’s almost 2000 levels hotter than your typical lighter. Since you’re utilizing shavings of magnesium reasonably than chunks the bar has many makes use of earlier than it has been completely used up. As soon as once more being magnesium the bar is extraordinarily mild and small. Fairly a couple of positives for anybody attempting to save lots of weight, area, and have a water-resistant fireplace supply.

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That being stated the magnesium bar does have some drawbacks. You’ll need a tool to make the shavings. Both a knife edge, hacksaw blade, file, or probably a really onerous tough rock might be used. Once more you will want a blade or a pointy piece of glass to make use of the ferro rod as a result of a typical match or lighter is not going to get sizzling sufficient to ignite the magnesium shavings. Producing the shavings themselves takes time and since it is a very mild materials any wind or breath will scatter them so you should definitely shield your pile of shavings. The larger the pile the higher your likelihood is as a result of though magnesium burns highly regarded it additionally burns very fast. All of those elements have to considered. For instance don’t let your fingers get so chilly that you just lose your motor abilities to supply the shavings.

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Now you would possibly ask with the steadiness of optimistic and negatives do I’ve a Doan Mag Bar in my bug out bag? Sure I do. I firmly consider in having a number of methods of creating fireplace for one and two its measurement, weight, longevity, ruggedness make it a given to have in your survival equipment. I personally love my ferro rod however generally you simply can’t discover tinder that’s dry sufficient to make it catch. That is the place the magnesium shavings are available in. In case you take pleasure in practising survival abilities or need a again up on your survival equipment go out and decide up a magnesium bar and ensure it’s a Doan. Finest to not take probabilities together with your survival with a knockoff.

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