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Presidential Alerts: FEMA to test emergency alert system next week


On Thursday, September 20, the federal authorities will probably be conducting a nationwide check of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). The federal alert system, which was put in place in the course of the Obama administration, will conduct the first-ever nationwide check of the Presidential alert characteristic, which was designed to alert the nation throughout occasions of utmost nationwide emergencies.

The WEA presidential alert check message will probably be despatched to cell telephones which can be related to wi-fi suppliers taking part in WEA, which incorporates Verizon, AT&T, Dash, T-Cellular and greater than 100 smaller carriers.

WEA was technically launched in April of 2012 by the Obama administration after they required cellular phone firms to start out chipping telephones in order that they might obtain the presidential alerts. However you’ll by no means know that it was really an Obama administration initiative by the way in which the dipshits within the media are but once more freaking out and mendacity to the general public.

Media attempting to persuade Public that Trump is taking on their telephones; Mentally Sick Sheep collectively freak out on Twitter!

When the system was being designed in the course of the Obama administration we talked about the opportunity of the alert system being abused and used as a political device; after all, dipshit liberals attacked us and accused us of being bigots who had been simply going after the Obama administration. These identical assholes have now change into civil libertarians for the day and are pretending that this had nothing to do with Obama and that this can be a ploy by Donald Trump to ship the American public propaganda through their cell telephones.

CNN, MSNBC, and a number of different liberal media shops who praised Obama when the alert system was introduced in 2012 are actually all residing as much as their faux information motto, and operating hit items claiming Trump is abusing his energy and is attempting to make use of the expertise to push his propaganda on the general public. You actually can’t make this up; the identical assholes who applauded Obama are actually screaming foul!

Listed below are some a few of the faux new idots attempting to convinve you that is the tip of the world.

The dipshits at CNN are utilizing this headline “You’ll quickly be getting a message in your telephone from the President of america — whether or not you’re a supporter or not.”

Some liberals on Twitter will not be taking the information to effectively, and of course the companies who labored with Obama to help enact this are actually taking part in politics as effectively:

Twitter reactions

More reactions via twitter

And naturally then you’ve got the metally unwell in Hollywood melting down:


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