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Survival Gear Review: The Solo Stoves, Part One: Solo Stove Lite


The Solo Range design is a chrome steel can-shaped wood-burning container of quite a few sizes from simple carry for backpacking, to a monster that wants two individuals to elevate it. For this evaluate, we are going to check out the Solo Range Lite, the smallest of the Solo Range choices. Half 2 will deal with a bigger Solo Range range, and a campfire-sized Solo Stove.

By Doc Montana, contributing author to Survival Cache and SHTFblog

The Solo Stove Lite is a superbly engineered and executed chrome steel wooden range not a lot greater than a can of beans. However what does elevate eyebrows is the value; about $70. And much more stunning than the value is that those that use it completely find it irresistible! A lot in order that the value drifts into the ether turning into a non-issue after just a few makes use of.

The Solo Range is a dynamic choice for these snug with putting their cooking wants within the arms of wooden. And I’m one who does. The Solo Range is a trifecta of physics, engineering, and supplies. On the physics facet, the move of oxygen to the Solo Range’s important fireplace chamber follows a twin route “from the underside to the highest,” to quote the Talking Heads. As air enters the bottom of the Solo Range by exterior holes lining the decrease parameter, it carries ambient oxygen to the decrease vent, and likewise to higher openings in the principle chamber. The oxygen degree in air is way above the O2-starved fires contained in the range. A lot in order that it seems as if flames are flowing out of the higher parameter holes into the principle move of flame. It really is each inspiring and mesmerizing. You’ve obtained to see it to consider it.

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Air begins its journey below the principle fireplace attributable to a wire grate that delineates the bottom of the burn chamber from a sub-chamber that doubles as an ash entice. Because the combustion gasses ascent to the higher ranges of the range, they’re heated earlier than pouring into the chamber by the holes lining the higher reaches of the within of the internal wall. The recent air provide an abundance of oxygen inflicting a gassification impact that takes the custom campfire wooden heating to wonderful ranges.

An extra profit from the twin airflow system is that there’s extraordinarily little smoke from the range when burning effectively. Like none. In fact there’s loads of smoke on each ends of the time you utilize the range, however a big half within the center burn time when cooking and campfireing are accomplished has no noticeable smoke. There’s nonetheless loads of woodfire scent, nevertheless. One time from a little bit of a distance, I believed my range was pouring out the smoke solely to understand as I neared that it was spraying steam like a prepare whistle out of a cosy match pot lid. And no smoke.

When burning wooden, you don’t must be diligent in regards to the range’s operation. You may add some wooden and stroll away. If it burns down, you add extra. In case your water boils, then good and it’ll simply boil longer. However the Solo Range fully removes the fear about conserving gasoline. And when you get into the Solo Range mindset, you see gasoline in all places and in abundance.

The Solo Stove Lite is a wooden range on the smaller facet that punches nicely above its weight class. The Solo Range is made from 320 chrome steel which simply signifies that its made from the most typical chrome steel. However chrome steel nonetheless. The welds between the 2 “cans” are impeccable, and a factor of magnificence. A mesh grate of nichrome wires criss-crosses the within backside offering a restricted however ample provide of air to maintain the coals buzzing alongside whereas permitting gravity to take away the spent wooden. Typically a minor shake of the burning range tidies up the fireplace by cleansing out the carbon from the fireplace.

There are two items to the Solo Range, a important twin container consisting of the 2 layers of metal, the ash basin, and loads of holes above and under important chamber. The opposite piece is a hoop of metal with a lip that may both dip into the principle can for storage or fly above it as a pot help and doorway for including extra gasoline to the combustion chamber.

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The riser is important for cooking over the range. With out it, a pot or pan would sit flush on the Solo Range blocking the move of sizzling gasses. However there is no such thing as a want for the riser if simply utilizing the Solo Range as a campfire pit. The riser can simply be added or subtracted from the system with a fireplace blazing. In actual fact, it’s a lot simpler to get the range began with out the riser.

I’m unsure if it’s proper or not, however I’ve extinguished my Solo Stove Lite just by dumping water on it. The water does run out the underside holes carrying with it loads of smaller items of wooden and charcoal. The range, when dry then clanks like a child rattle till you dig out all of the items of detritus rolling round in between the stainless partitions.

Being a wooden range, the Solo Stove Lite will get soiled. And relying on how unfastened you’re with the wooden enter, your pot may simply have a black backside, or your complete pot will grow to be jet black and sticky with creosote. I’m joyful to report that the Solo Range made it by the traditional cycle in my dishwasher. I can see the potential for rust nevertheless as stainless means much less stains, not rustless. However it was nothing extra that what I observed after utilizing the Solo Range Lite for a couple of wet days on a backpacking journey.

In use, I had a boiling quart of water in 10 minutes plus or minus. Often plus. I used a business fireplace tinder to fireplace up the range rapidly, however you should use conventional tinder and firesticks to launch this rocket. Among the advantages embody no actual issues for gasoline. The one time I ran right into a gasoline scarcity was once I was over 11,000 toes within the Beartooth Mountains of Montana and there was actually no dry cellulose round massive sufficient to burn. I did attempt to burn mountain goat dung within the Solo Range Lite, however simply couldn’t hold the flame lengthy sufficient to boil water. Yak dung possibly? Simply recent out of yaks round right here.

Even at 10ok toes I positioned loads of materials primarily in two areas. The primary was in pure microstream channels the place the rain piled up small sticks at congested areas between rocks and slender water pathways. The second was the place small animals had made a house utilizing regionally sourced constructing supplies. And in a single case, the place I knew I used to be headed to a excessive spot, I simply grabbed a couple of inch-to-inch-and-a-half thick branches, stripped and resized them, and slid them into my compression straps on by backpack. When arriving at camp, I simply processed the branches into Solo Range-sized gasoline. I obtained about two quarts of boiling water out of every three-foot department.

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I’ve a 900 milliliter titanium pot and small fireplace making equipment I carry with my Solo Range Lite. The pot is made by Snow Peak and I exploit an MSR titanium lid from one other cooking equipment to cowl the pot. My fireplace equipment features a Bic lighter or two, some matches, a firesteel, some business tinder/firestarter, and a tiny noticed that I thought of a joke till now. The Solo Range Lite suits neatly contained in the pot, and the entire equipment suits right into a mesh stuff sack with is necessary to scale back the sharing of black carbon with the remainder of your gear.

I’m so enamored with my Solo Stove Lite, that it has moved into my main campstove place. And I’ve a dozen or so different range decisions. Throughout a bug out, any liquid or compressed gasoline range has a brief life. Nevertheless, do you have to wish to run a liquid gasoline in your Solo Range Lite, there’s an optional alcohol can with adjustable lid obtainable for burning fluids. So if you will get over the value, the Solo Range Lite is an exceptionally helpful, environment friendly, and doubtlessly life saving tool for enjoyable and survival. I’ve completely no hesitation in recommending the Solo Range Lite.


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