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Survival Gear Review: Benchmade 200 Puukko


Whether or not Buck, Bolo, or Bowie…Kukri, Kris or Katana, iconic knives are alive and nicely. Even because the world appears to spin quicker by the day, age outdated knife designs nonetheless have a rock strong grip in our fingers. The centuries of knife use has honed blades and handles right into a near-perfect mix of design options to maximise its symbiotic relationship with people.

By Doc Montana, contributing writer to Survival Cache and SHTFblog

As one strikes from the poles in the direction of the equator, the meals will get spicier and the blades get greater. A minimum of that’s what it looks like. So essentially the most recognizable Scandanavian blade, cast removed from the equator, is the humble Puukko, a knife with a blade that hardly crosses a person’s palm. However oddly, given the close to featureless design of the Puukko, knife aficionados and blade historians alike discover ample content material to argue over and loads of ammunition from all types of sources. So when Benchmade jumped into the Puukko, two issues would occur. First, Benchmade would make a really high quality knife, and second, it might trigger esoteric arguments in regards to the undefined nuances of the Puukko idea. The camping knife lineup at BladeHQ’s website highlights the variety of knives in that class. From the Otzi neck knife that can make you smile, to the El Chappo cleaver that can make you cringe, the immense variety of selections will make you applaud the simplicity and custom of the Benchmade Puukko 200.

Once I see a puukko within the wild, I usually assume the perfect in regards to the consumer. And the other when a bowie is unsheathed to intestine a deer. Puukko knives simply ooze utilitarian effectivity, design minimalism and normal confidence by the consumer. Which is precisely why it’s so arduous to get excited in regards to the Puukko. Sort of like the fun driving on new tires. The truck proprietor is thrilled, however the remainder of us are underwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of mundane utility.

Is {that a} Knife in your Genes?

That stated, Puukko knives are primitively enticing. Deep down in human DNA shared by way of a thousand years of breeding has planted the seeds of the Puukko into our knife needs no matter how bland and uneventful the design. In fact which means the Puukko has to attempt additional arduous to seize our consideration within the knife retailer. With no flashy pommel, bolster, guard or inlays, the common-or-garden Puukko is little greater than a deal with with a blade. Or maybe a blade with a deal with.

Benchmade jumped into the Puukko final yr which is stunning both means you have a look at it begging the query, “Why?” And that will be “why so late to the Puukko celebration?” Or “why trouble in any respect” given the saturated Puukko market? My guess is that the Benchmade’s reply is someplace between this being the 21st century and there’s room for Puukko enchancment. And Benchmade makes knives and the Puukko is a knife. Irrespective of the explanation, the Benchmade 200 Puukko is right here, and I for one am very glad it’s.

Diverting from the traditional and conventional, the Benchmade 200 Puukko employs a thermoplastic elastomer deal with somewhat than the standard birchwood. And a blade metal of semi-stainless 3V is a departure from conventional excessive carbon steels. The delicate variations in edge profile and grind are extra a matter of splitting opinions somewhat than splitting hairs.

The grind isn’t the normal scandi, however a barely extra complicated excessive flat grind with secondary bevel. The scandi grind is an easy machine that’s straightforward to sharpen. However whereas the purists will sing the praises of the scandi, most blades that began as true scandi grinds slowly deviate to a extra convex bevel as variations in human movement whereas sharpening progressively rounds the steel. Both means, the true query is does it reduce?

On the deal with aspect of issues, Benchmade used a Santoprene materials that’s extraordinarily widespread in lots of different industries for a lot of different functions, however not that widespread in knife making. Frankly, studying the wealthy resume of Santoprene, it certain ought to be on extra knives. The deal with shade that Benchmade calls Ranger Inexperienced, is a pleasant flat darkish earth variant that I fell in love with on my Benchmade Bugout knife.

How A lot Longer?

Total, the Benchmade 200 Puukko is eight and 1 / 4 inches lengthy with just below half that in a drop level blade. It’s a full enclosed tang design with usable lanyard gap on the rear. The 0.14 inch thick blade is loads of girth for something this knife can do. In fact that’s round logic, however in actuality the scale and design of this knife is an instance of actually balanced engineering, with nothing lacking and nothing extraneous. Something it’s best to do with this knife, you are able to do with this knife.

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The grip swells in two dimensions across the heart of the palm giving a constructive handhold form on an already grippy grip. Whereas not completely sufficient consolation to consolation these wanting some kind of bodily guard between blade and deal with, its nicely inside specs of the Puukko. Thrusting, stabbing and quick poking will not be what the Puukko is for therefore accomplish that at your personal danger. The Puukko is a utility knife that excels at slicing, carving, slicing, drilling, and different blade chores on the decrease finish of gross hand actions. Maintain wanting if you would like a knife for preventing, prying, hacking, chopping or stabbing. In different phrases, the Puukko is precisely what you want for what you’ll be doing however not perhaps the perfect single selection for wandering the dusty, sun-drenched post-apocalyptic hellscape of the longer term. However ought to you end up in must stab with the Puukko, simply roll your palm round to cowl the butt of the deal with that that ought to maintain your hand from sliding onto the enterprise aspect of the knife.

Metal This Knife

The selection of CPM-3V metal is fascinating. On the Benchmade website, I get precisely 4 sorts of knives they produce that use the 3V metal. And oddly, there’s little or no in widespread amongst them, from a knife standpoint anyway. They embody the Boost, the Bailout, the Outlast, and the Puukko with the Puukko as the one fastened blade during which Benchmade makes use of 3V metal. On the BladeHQ web site, over 475 knife and power selections are listed that use 3V metal with practically 150 of them in inventory and able to ship.

So what’s 3V? In yesterday’s world it might be a full fledged member of the supersteel household, however at this time it’s extra of a entry-level superish metal. Oddly, human civilization is commonly categorized into time eras named for the fabric utilized in slicing instruments. Stone, copper, bronze, iron, and… now what? Metal? Supersteel? Tremendous-duper metal? Mainly we’re splitting metal hairs over a couple of years in comparison with the completely large leaps in slicing materials know-how over many centuries. So the variations we understand between blade steels at this time are miniscule in comparison with these different civilizations skilled. All that stated, the 3V selection made by Benchmade was an excellent one. Whereas not fairly custom of an authentic Puukko, it’s a worthy selection for a Puukko knife that can doubtless nonetheless be used within the 22nd century.

CPM-3V metal, as a near-stainless metal has some stainless traits, however not sufficient to disregard care and feeding. The knife strengths of CPM-3V metal embody toughness and edge retention. The place 3V scores common in with ease of sharpening and corrosion resistance. Not a foul selection set when your lowest rating is common and your finest is ideal. Past its excessive grind, the purpose of the drop level (not the aim however the precise level) makes a fast taper to its finish permitting for a most retention of power by way of thickness till the blade completely has to finish. And that finish is a really usable Puukko-quality tip that’s nice for drilling, poking, tip slicing, and minor prying.

Maintain Me Tight

The sheath Benchmade contains with the Puukko 200 is definitely significantly better than I anticipated. Benchmade has a blended repute on sheaths. I’ve had each one in all Benchmade’s dive knives and precisely zero have good sheaths, with a pair downright harmful disasters. The Puukko’s sheath is a single-stitched black leather-based slip-on with a firesteel loop. The usual belt loop is built-in, and a further leather-based strap is included to make the sheath dangle for added consolation when sitting. For the reason that dangler loop is secured by a single snap, I selected to make use of the dangler strap with the snap wedged between belt and pants to provide some added safety towards loss.

For reference, the Puukko’s sheath is a modified dangler. A pure dangler has dangling because it’s solely carry possibility, whereas different sheaths have an included D-ring for an non-compulsory dangler strap. The distinction really might have extra to do with the place of the knife within the sheath than the sheath attachment. The Benchmade Bushcrafter has a dangler possibility, however sits very excessive within the sheath inflicting extraction points when dangling. A correct dangling sheath like that of the Fallkniven Jarl addresses a lot of the knife together with the deal with often requiring a two-fingered pommel grip to slip the knife free sufficient to wrap a couple of extra fingers round it. The Puukko falls a lot nearer to a pure dangler thus committing extra to it’s Puukko roots.

A plastic insert contained in the sheath provides safety to the sheath from the Puukko’s blade, in addition to a easy hang-free insertion. The friction match of the sheath snuggs up across the palm swell. Relying in your carry situation, the sheath-grab might not be sufficient to your wants. In that case you possibly can simply spend extra money than the buck-and-a quarterish that the Puukko costs on a brand new fancy-smancy customized bushcraft sheath, or you possibly can add some retention to the included sheath by both a O-ring addition to the belt loop, a horizontal strap to belt loop or dangler loop, or use the lanyard gap on the Puukko’s deal with to string a further rope or bungee wire. On mine, I tied in a brief knotted lanyard that assists in retraction from the sheath. It really works to date, however I can see a size  or loop adjustment sooner or later. Unsure which means simply but.

A part of a Balanced Eating regimen

Utilizing the Benchmade Puukko 200 is a deal with. The steadiness level is barely handle-heavy the place the knife will titer at about one inch again into the grip. This retains the knife leaning into your hand which makes a strong footing for all the required duties the Puukko excels at. The backbone of the Puukko 200 is flat, accurately, for extra thumb and palm strain as wanted. Nonetheless, traditionalists would possibly discover the perimeters of the backbone a fraction too rounded to effectively scrape a firerod. The Benchmade Puukko 200 will throw sparks in its present configuration, however not with the convenience of its sharp-spined brethren. A light-weight backbone grinding to sharpen the corners are high quality if that floats your boat. Nonetheless, the leading edge throws sparks in addition to something, and pushing on the backbone will doubtless occur rather more usually than the necessity to scrape a firerod. Err on the aspect of most-use.

Most likely essentially the most stunning side of the Benchmade Puukko 200 is its price. BladeHQ advertises the Puukko 200 for under $127.50 with free transport which is in regards to the worth of a Griptilian, usually described because the inexpensive entry into the Benchmade lineup. The Puukko is a superb instance of how we are able to look to the previous for assist with survival sooner or later.

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