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Got Beardruff? | Causes And Treatment For Beard Dandruff


If you happen to suppose you’ll by no means get beard dandruff, then you definately’re in for a shock. It occurs to the very best of us, in any case. These specks in your beard? They might not be crumbs, dude. Dandruff isn’t at all times confined to the scalp. It’s a gross reality of life, however anyplace your physique sprouts hair is a honey entice for the flaking pores and skin beneath. And the darker your beard, the extra ugly the issue. It may well take some experimenting to seek out the trigger, which ends up in the very best remedy. However when you do, your “crumb catcher” can return to its day job.

How one can Get Rid of Beard Dandruff


The Unhealthy Guys

Man sticking his tongue | Got Beardruff? | Causes and Treatment For Beard Dandruff

Man sticking his tongue | Got Beardruff? | Causes and Treatment For Beard Dandruff

“Why you flakin’ on me, bro?” Similar to scalp dandruff, “beardruff” can spring from just a few totally different causes. The most typical culprits are:

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  • Dry pores and skin. Dry, irritated pores and skin is, properly, irritating it doesn’t matter what. However as soon as the ensuing flakes begin to festoon your luscious beard, they’re all of the extra noticeable. To search out out if it’s easy dehydration that’s inflicting your beardruff, perform a little detective work. Half these facial locks and peer beneath. If the pores and skin doesn’t appear crimson or rashy, the basis trigger might be common, garden-variety dry pores and skin.
  • Neglect. Mockingly, the alternative drawback—extreme oiliness—additionally results in beard dandruff. Guys who don’t wash their beards usually sufficient are letting oil and trapped pores and skin cells construct up of their facial hair. When that occurs, the oils and cells break down into flakes.
  • “Hyper” pores and skin. All people’s pores and skin renews its cell provide each month or so, however you might be a type of individuals whose pores and skin cells flip over at a sooner fee. When that occurs, the cells accumulate on high of your pores and skin—and beard—fairly than falling away unobtrusively.
  • A fungus amongst us. That’s proper! Fungal infections are one of many high causes scalp and beard dandruff occur. These tiny fungal microbes are literally presupposed to be there, serving to to interrupt down pure oils. But when there’s extra oil than traditional, or your pores and skin simply reacts badly to the microbes, they multiply. The ensuing fungal an infection causes redness, itching, patchy redness—and, in fact, the dreaded beardruff.

Brush It Off, Bro

Your first step towards eliminating the issue is eradicating the buildup of useless pores and skin cells. Meaning exfoliation. For guys, the very best methodology for this can be a soft-bristled beard brush.

Earlier than you get into the bathe, brush your beard thoroughly. What you’re doing is sloughing off the useless pores and skin cells below your beard.

As a bonus, you’re additionally redistributing your beard’s pure oils. And that’s a superb factor—whether or not your facial hair is simply too dry or too oily. Brushing it helps redistribute these pure oils extra evenly.

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