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SURVIVAL SKILLS: Could You Survive The Open Ocean?


You’ll by no means know when chances are you’ll be stranded within the ocean, which is why you must study just a few important survival expertise. Whether or not or not it’s a airplane crash, a sinking boat, or getting swept out to sea, these survival suggestions we’ve for you in the present day will certainly turn out to be useful!

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Survival Abilities to Hold Your self Alive within the Open Ocean

Study to Float

 Learn to Float | SURVIVAL SKILLS: Could You Survive The Open Ocean?

 Learn to Float | SURVIVAL SKILLS: Could You Survive The Open Ocean?

You might not be fortunate sufficient to have a raft or lifeboat to drift by the open ocean. If you end up stranded within the water with out some kind of flotation machine, study these floating tips to maintain your power sustained:

Calm Water Again Floating

Step 1: If the water is calm, lie in your again.
Step 2: Permit your physique to drift, however maintain your head above the water line.
Step 3: Proceed to lie like this till rescue comes otherwise you’re inside swimming distance of land.

Tough Waterfront Floating

Step 1: If the water is tough, then lie face down within the water permitting your physique to drift.
Step 2: Proceed to drift this manner till you want air.
Step 3: Raise your head from the water solely to take a breath, then carry it again down once more, exhaling underwater.

Why Is This Essential?

For starters, you don’t know what’s swimming beneath you. Though sharks don’t usually prey on people, the silhouette of a physique treading water or swimming could look like a seal or different preys to a shark, which might trigger them to assault. As well as, losing your energy treading water or making an attempt to swim will tire you out a lot sooner. It is advisable save your power by floating. The ocean is an unlimited, darkish place, and it may be quiet unnerving.

Discover Water and Meals

Bear in mind, you may solely survive about three days with out water, assuming you’ve saved sufficient energy. Discovering drinkable water is your first precedence. Since water aids in digestion, it’s most likely higher to not eat something till you’ve checked this off your checklist, though discovering fish will help in each thirst and starvation.

Entice Moisture and Rainwater

If it rains, attempt to set out as a lot materials as potential to gather it, equivalent to a tarp, and funnel it into containers. Be certain that the rainwater has not combined with ocean salt water.

Fish Liquids

Fish aren’t solely a supply of meals, however in addition they include liquid of their flesh, eyes, and backbone. To extract the liquids, lower open the fish, break the vertebra, and suck.


To catch fish, you want entry to some kind of fishing equipment. You may vogue strains from any rope or string (e.g. shoelaces). You probably have a knife, a bit of aluminum can be utilized to create shiny hooks that appeal to fish.


Seaweed is plentiful and has many useful vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Seaweed that you just come throughout can also have hidden gems inside searching for the identical vitamins, equivalent to fish, crabs, or shrimp.

through Survive Nature

A pair survived 14 hours within the open ocean by floating on their backs. Watch the video beneath:

The open ocean is one of the best place to check your survival expertise. When the time comes that you don’t have any one to depend on, belief your self and deal with what you must do moderately than let your worry take over you. Observe these survival tips and tricks to maintain your self alive within the open ocean till rescue comes.

Are you aware different survival expertise to outlive within the open ocean? Share them with us within the feedback part beneath!

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Placard | SURVIVAL SKILLS: Could You Survive The Open Ocean?

Placard | SURVIVAL SKILLS: Could You Survive The Open Ocean?

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