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Rule Of Threes: The Basic Guide To Survival


When push involves shove, don’t neglect the rule of threes of survival!

On this article:

  1. Three Minutes Without Air
  2. Three Hours Without Shelter
  3. Three Days Without Water
  4. Thirty Days Without Food

The Survival Rule of Threes to Be taught At this time

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Three rules to survive | The Survival Rule of Threes

Remembering the rule of threes is what’s going to separate you from the remainder of the world when SHTF. In an excessive scenario, an individual can’t survive for greater than:

  • three minutes with out air
  • three hours with out shelter
  • three days with out water
  • 30 days with out meals

Notice that this isn’t a assure. Take shelter, as an illustration.

When you fall into and keep in a big physique of chilly water, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll final three hours. If you find yourself on dry land and with good climate, it’s possible you’ll reside for over three hours.

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These guidelines are your information when your expertise is totally different from what you be taught from the ebook. Thoughts you, each can fluctuate considerably.

Given your set of expertise and gear, how do you ensure you survive for so long as you possibly can?

Making use of the Rule of Threes

Let’s develop on this and think about three seconds. What can kill you in three seconds?

You die when somebody photographs you, for positive. However then, you may additionally meet your demise by merely falling over and cracking your cranium.

You may also perish if a blunt object hits any a part of your physique.

Within the first state of affairs, you might have to test your weapons and self-defense expertise. How do you counter a gun assault?

Within the second scenario, your climbing data or sense of stability will play a key. Lastly, within the third scenario, your agility and application could show you how to survive.

All these may have your avoidance expertise. How briskly are you able to dodge a bullet or any sort of assault?

Generally, these conditions can happen within the darkness. Your expertise could also be ineffective should you don’t have sufficient gentle sources equivalent to a flashlight.

Three Minutes With out Air

Cloudy skies | The Survival Rule of Threes

Cloudy skies | The Survival Rule of Threes

Three minutes with out air is unquestionably an issue, however there may be not loads one can do about that. When you KNOW you’ll be in a spot with out air, then maybe you possibly can embody having tanks of air in your to-do checklist.

However this isn’t sensible simply “in case.” No, about all you are able to do is have a filtration mask to filter out “unhealthy” stuff in any air which does exist.

This could be a full CBRN mask, all the way in which all the way down to a moist bandana, relying on seemingly circumstances, weight, area, and even finances.


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Three minutes with extreme bleeding can also be an issue, and there are sensible choices for this. It contains numerous forms of tourniquets and fight bandages. Though this isn’t thought of as a kind of in-demand expertise.

What’s a tourniquet? It’s a tool used to stop the blood flow by the veins by compressing the limb with a bandage or wire.

Three Hours With out Shelter

Happy man inside tent | The Survival Rule of Threes

Happy man inside tent | The Survival Rule of Threes

A shelter is a troublesome topic which requires extra in-depth dialogue. To begin with, a extremely good shelter just isn’t transportable.

Then a good shelter (a very good tent, insulating pad, and sleeping bag), whereas transportable, tends to be bigger and heavier than different gear. However, it’s usually potential to make a shelter utilizing materials at hand.

This can be an extended course of, although. In some circumstances, it will not be sensible throughout the deadlines as properly.

Thus, the rule of thumb is having supplies and instruments to help in constructing a shelter is normally sensible. Contemplate what “shelter” actually entails, too.

Mainly, it’s that the human physique can solely final in an atmosphere which is considerably outdoors its “regular” vary. “Publicity” is maybe the main reason for demise for these misplaced or trapped “within the wild.”

If the physique will get “too chilly” or “too scorching” lengthy sufficient, it is going to shut down or no less than end in critical harm. Thus, “shelter” requires supplies and expertise to maintain the physique dry when it’s moist, heat when it’s chilly and/or cool when it’s scorching.

Take into account that the temperature of a big object (floor or physique of water) with which the physique is in touch is no less than as harmful because the temperature of the air. So any consideration of shelter should embody insulation from the bottom.

Hearth could be a key element of “shelter” in addition to many different survival elements. That’s the reason having fireplace making gear and expertise is vital.

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Three Days With out Water

Silhouette of nab drinking water | The Survival Rule of Threes

Silhouette of nab drinking water | The Survival Rule of Threes

Water is fairly simple. Though it’s potential to reside for 3 days with out it, this could not go on.

It will likely be very disagreeable and will trigger long-term harm. It additionally reduces your capacity to suppose and act in assist of different survival elements.

To keep away from this, you possibly can have water saved and/or have methods of getting, carrying, and utilizing the water you discover. It’s also sensible to all the time assume that water could have contaminated particulates current.

Subsequently, additionally think about the abilities and gear essential to “purify” these problems. To not point out, the abilities to “discover” water which will not be readily seen.


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Three days with critical sickness could possibly be an issue as properly, so think about methods of stopping and curing infections, in addition to different harmful illnesses.

Thirty Days With out Meals

Man preparing his breakfast | The Survival Rule of Threes

Man preparing his breakfast | The Survival Rule of Threes

Meals then can be the bottom precedence, however not ignored. Like with water, going with out meals for important durations of time just isn’t solely disagreeable however reduces your capacity to suppose and act. It will possibly ultimately end in long-term harm as properly.

Once more, you possibly can have meals saved and/or have the abilities and gear to get meals from the atmosphere round you. Remember although, that each one “meals” just isn’t created equal.

Remember that filling your stomach could also be okay quick time period however shouldn’t be your long-term objective. You wish to have meals which has the stuff your physique wants (nutritional vitamins, minerals, protein) and as little “dangerous” stuff as sensible.

One thing to maintain a selected eye on is “energy.” When you search for storage meals, it’s possible you’ll discover locations which brag on the variety of “servings” they provide.

Do the maths. If the energy per day are underneath 800, then you’re looking at a food regimen which is normally solely acceptable for an excessive weight reduction routine which is physician monitored.

This might not be acceptable for long-term survival. Often, the advice for a minimal survival food regimen is 1200 energy per day, and if you’ll be lively, 2000 energy per day will not be an excessive amount of.

One other Software of the Rule of Threes

As we see, the “Rule of Threes” gives steering on deciding on which expertise and gear you may want. It is also a key consider deciding your ACCESS to the gear.

If in case you have the defensive gear, it must be instantly out there. In a holster or sheath or pouch in your particular person is simply barely satisfactory.

I believe if somebody was to assault you, the chances are fairly low that you could possibly speak them into ready whilst you dig out your defenses from the underside of your pack. Equally, your air filtration and extreme bleeding gear needs to be simply and reliably out there in underneath a minute.

This implies in an exterior pocket(s) or pouch(s), in all probability with nothing else in there. They need to even be secured however accessible since you don’t wish to lose the gadgets within the course of.

A light-weight supply also needs to be available, and reliably accessible in complete darkness. After this, entry turns into much less vital.

Hearth gear needs to be pretty accessible, and maybe among the shelter provides. Every part else could be packed the place it most closely fits, inside motive.

Issues Which Are Not “Crucial” Can Nonetheless Be Necessary

When contemplating long-term survival, keep in mind that there are a selection of issues which though not a matter of “life or demise,” make survival simpler. Or, no less than extra nice and cut back the long-term impacts of the emergency.

Rest room paper and toothbrushes are issues which first leaped to my thoughts however I’m positive there are issues which happen to you.

Backside Line

Notice that the “Rule of Threes” is a information to PRIORITY, not IMPORTANCE. As an illustration, should you don’t have meals, you’ll die simply as certainly as should you don’t have air.

Each are equally essential to remain alive. The primary one offers with a direct drawback whereas the opposite offers with a longer-term drawback.

When you find yourself evaluating the gaps in your expertise and supplies, take a look at your wants in precedence order, however do take a look at ALL of your wants.

Contemplate the quantity of area out there and your finances, and use this to determine a practical survival timeframe. Then, attempt to “match” the quantities of any provides.

It may not be helpful to have a yr’s provide of meals and a month’s provide of water, or a yr’s provide of water and a month’s provide of meals. Except you knew that you could possibly replenish no matter it was you solely had a month’s price of.

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Watch this video from Andy Froy’s Bushcraft & Survival Guides to be taught extra in regards to the survival Rule of Threes:

We’d like not stress sufficient how data and preparedness is essential to survival. Actually, tidbits of information just like the rule of threes could imply the distinction between survival and demise for you.

With that, arm your self with this know-how and attempt to use it day-after-day so you might be all the time prepared, come what could.

What do you consider the rule of three survival information? Tell us your ideas about it within the feedback part beneath!

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Placard | The survival rule | The Survival Rule of Threes

Placard | The survival rule | The Survival Rule of Threes

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