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20 Home Security And Crime Prevention Secrets


These easy house safety suggestions will hold you and your loved ones secure from potential intruders. Learn on and hold your self conscious!

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On this article:

  1. 20 Home Security Countermeasures to Keep Your Home and Family Safe
    1. Secure Your Doors with Multiple Locking Mechanisms
    2. Reinforce Your Door Frame
    3. Do Not Leave Keys Out
    4. Do Not Put Your Name and Address on Your Key Ring
    5. Keep Your Outdoor Areas Well Lit
    6. Consider an Alarm System
    7. Add Internal Locks to Critical Storage Areas
    8. Secure Your Mail
    9. Keep Your Outdoor Areas Tidy
    10. Notify the Police or Sheriff That You Are Going to Be Gone
    11. Be Wary of People Who Come to the Door
    12. Add Locks to Your Gates
    13. Know Your Neighbors
    14. Get a Dog
    15. Landscape with Inhospitable Plants
    16. Make Arrangements to Have Your Property Looked After When You Go Away
    17. Secure Sliding Glass Doors
    18. Secure Sidelights or Doors with Large Windows
    19. Create a Safe Area to Which You Can Retreat
    20. Zip Those Lips
  2. Home Security Pro Tip: Think Like a Burglar

House Safety Suggestions for Your Household’s Safety

This article was originally posted by backdoorsurvival.com and is shared with full permission.

Excited by house safety and crime prevention? On the lookout for methods to make your own home safer for your self and your loved ones?

All people needs to be made conscious of those recommendations on house safety options and crime prevention. You’ll do something in relation to your loved ones’s security and well-being.

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A serious element of household preparedness is the upkeep of consolation, management, and self-preservation in a time of disaster. Regardless of the supply of the disaster, we as people need to protect the homestead and our family members at any value. (And by the way in which, many species on the animal kingdom do the identical.)

The rationale I convey this matter to the forefront is that just lately, at a neighborhood assembly, I realized that house burglaries in my space are on the rise.

In a neighborhood the place many nonetheless don’t lock their doorways, was no shock to me given the dire straits so many are in financially. And this isn’t localized.

Because the monetary crunch continues endlessly, you may count on to see property crimes on the rise.

This assembly was a wake-up name reminding me that I must do a listing of the house safety and crime prevention measures presently in place in order that I can be sure that each my household and my preps are safe. In doing so, I got here up with these 20 time-tested crime prevention secrets and techniques for preppers.

20 House Safety Countermeasures to Maintain Your House and Household Secure

There are many issues we will do to make our properties appear uninviting to criminals. The harder your property it’s to breach, the extra possible it’s that would-be thieves will choose a better goal.

1. Safe Your Doorways with A number of Locking Mechanisms

Sure, it’s an annoyance to hold a number of keys however why make it straightforward for the unhealthy guys? A deadbolt is crucial and even two wouldn’t be extreme.

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Ensure that the locks are troublesome to select.

2. Reinforce Your Door Body

Person holding on door lever inside room | Home Security And Crime Prevention Secrets

Person holding on door lever inside room | Home Security And Crime Prevention Secrets

Keep in mind that a lock is barely pretty much as good because the power of the door body. It doesn’t matter what number of locks you might have if they’re solely supported by a flimsy inside body.

A powerful particular person can typically break these down with a well-placed hit from a shoulder.

Spend money on a high-quality steel body. These are very troublesome to breach.

3. Do Not Go away Keys Out

Even should you suppose you’re being intelligent, don’t depart keys beneath mats, beneath flower pots, on prime or door frames, or in a kind of $Three magnetic key carriers that match beneath the body of your automotive. Thieves learn about these locations and are extra artistic than you may suppose in relation to finding a spare.

Right here at my place, now we have secured a spare key in a coded key vault, much like the sort actual property brokers use. (And dare I say that I’ve misplaced my keys greater than as soon as on the paths and that having a spare has saved the day?)

4. Do Not Put Your Title and Handle on Your Key Ring

When you lose your keys, and who hasn’t, why promote your own home location and supply straightforward entrance? You may as effectively put an indication in your entrance door that claims “TAKE ME”.

5. Maintain Your Outside Areas Properly Lit

Tubular black sconce | Home Security And Crime Prevention Secrets

Tubular black sconce | Home Security And Crime Prevention Secrets

This doesn’t need to be expensive. Even shaded areas will profit from cheap solar lighting.

Put porch lights on a “daybreak to nightfall” timer and ensure your storage entrance is just not shrouded in darkness. Movement lights round doorways may be startling since they arrive on when an individual walks as much as the door.

6. Contemplate an Alarm System

I’m not speaking about an costly house alarm methods and, as a matter of reality, I believe promoting that you’ve got a monitored system, whether or not it’s true or not, merely tells the world that you’ve got plenty of goodies that want safety.

After I discuss alarm monitoring system, I’m referring to a loud horn or blast that goes off when somebody invades your territory. That is particularly efficient when you’ve got neighbors who may even hear the alarm however even in a extra distant space, the alarm will annoy and dissuade the burglars from sticking round.

These wireless motion sensors may be put in on doorways to scare away an individual attempting to interrupt in. Better of all, they use a battery to function and can nonetheless work throughout a grid-down occasion.

7. Add Inside Locks to Important Storage Areas

This consists of your emergency meals storage area, crawl areas, and your freezer. Many individuals hold their freezers within the storage, which may be one of the susceptible areas of your own home since it’s sometimes darkish and distant sound-wise from the remainder of the home.

8. Safe Your Mail

Along with minimizing id theft, an overflowing mailbox is an open invitation to thieves who will assume you aren’t at house or touring. Spend money on a PO field – they’re low-cost.

9. Maintain Your Outside Areas Tidy

Trim shrubs which might be near the home in order that strangers cannot skulk behind them, ready and awaiting the very best time to assault. Make sure that the perimeter of your own home is obvious of hiding locations.

Open areas make it simpler for the neighbors to see if somebody is as much as mischief too.

10. Notify the Police or Sheriff That You Are Going to Be Gone

Two police officer looking in mobile phone | Home Security And Crime Prevention Secrets

Two police officer looking in mobile phone | Home Security And Crime Prevention Secrets

This may increasingly not work in all conditions however right here in my rural neighborhood, we’re inspired to let the authorities know when we’re going to be off-island for an prolonged interval.

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11. Be Cautious of Folks Who Come to the Door

Whether or not they’re strangers, supply individuals, and even officers of the regulation, if they’re sudden, you might want to be alert. These are all widespread techniques that precede house invasions.

Have your pepper spray helpful and ask for ID. If unsure, don’t open the door. Ask for a badge or ID quantity and name it in.

Bear in mind, uniforms may be readily bought on-line and in today of Photoshop, pretend IDs may be simply created on a house laptop.

12. Add Locks to Your Gates

Two padlocks | Home Security And Crime Prevention Secrets

Two padlocks | Home Security And Crime Prevention Secrets

When you lock your gate, then you definitely don’t have to fret about individuals displaying up proper at your door. Plus, you’ll you’ll want to be on excessive alert if there’s a knock on the door.

13. Know Your Neighbors

I’ve mentioned this earlier than and can say it once more: neighbors and neighborhood members who know you by title and face would be the ones that may watch your again in a disaster. You do not need to grow to be greatest buddies with these individuals – however you do must say hello every now and then and maybe become involved in some neighborhood actions in order that they will get to know you, and also you them.

14. Get a Canine

A canine is a superb, actually nice, early warning system. Heck, my little six-pound Yorkie makes quite a lot of rackets if a stranger is strolling round outdoors at evening.

He won’t scare an intruder as soon as he’s in the home, however he definitely would give the would-be burglar purpose to look elsewhere. Plus, we might know that somebody who shouldn’t be right here is shut by if not inside our house.

15. Panorama with Inhospitable Crops

Bougainvillea | Home Security And Crime Prevention Secrets

Bougainvillea | Home Security And Crime Prevention Secrets

Inhospitable doesn’t imply the vegetation aren’t stunning. Thorny vegetation like rugosa rosebushes, bougainvillea, or blackberry vines make it far harder to sneak round outdoors of home windows or to climb fences.

You’ll find a full list of inhospitable plants here.

16. Make Preparations to Have Your Property Appeared After When You Go Away

Have somebody mow the grass when you’ll be gone for per week or longer and should you nonetheless have the newspaper delivered, for goodness sake, cease supply if you are away. You can too put a light-weight and a tv on a timer in order that it seems as if somebody is house.

17. Safe Sliding Glass Doorways

Earlier than mattress every evening, block the monitor of sliding doorways with a steel bar or a chunk of wooden. These locks are very straightforward to drive.

18. Safe Sidelights or Doorways with Massive Home windows

It’s a quite simple factor for a thief to interrupt out a small window, then attain in and unlock your door from the within. Spend money on some ornamental steel grid work to make this harder.

19. Create a Secure Space to Which You Can Retreat

Within the worst case situation, if somebody breaks into your own home if you are there, it’s vital to have an space you could run to till assist arrives. Reinforce a bed room door with high quality body, and change the flimsy inside door with an exterior one.

Guarantee you might have entry to an alternate technique of communication contained in the room (like a mobile phone or landline), and a type of self-defense like a firearm or knife. You’ll be able to be taught extra about constructing a secure room in your house or house in this article.

20. Zip These Lips

Anxious girl, frowning while sucking lips | Home Security And Crime Prevention Secrets

Anxious girl, frowning while sucking lips | Home Security And Crime Prevention Secrets

That is my weak spot and one thing I’ll decide to stopping RIGHT NOW! In my effort to unfold the phrase about household preparedness, I discuss my very own efforts, what I’ve, how I’m storing it, and worst of all, the place I’ve positioned my stuff.

Disgrace on me. What I’ve completed successfully is promote the truth that if the SHTF, you may come to my place as a result of I’ve meals, I’ve water, I’ve stuff.

That is going to be troublesome as a result of I do need to educate and assist others, however I’m going to essentially attempt to be a bit extra personal going ahead.

House Safety Professional Tip: Assume Like a Burglar

I need to cross on that the perfect recommendation I can provide:  LEARN TO THINK LIKE A BURGLAR!

Stroll round your house, and, pretending you’re a unhealthy man, take into consideration factors of entry. Check out your own home from the road.

Are you promoting the entire goodies inside? Or does your own home appear to be a modest, well-kept abode with good lighting and well-trimmed landscaping?

When you have been a burglar, which house in your avenue would you hit?

Want to see the full article?

20 Home Security And Crime Prevention Secrets

As you realize, a disaster can come from a pure catastrophe, a medical pandemic, an financial collapse, civil unrest, or a man-made exercise reminiscent of a terrorist assault. I name these “Disruptive Occasions”.

By working towards crime prevention now, and making house safety part of each day life, you may be one step nearer to preserving the homestead when the SHTF.

Do you might have extra house safety suggestions so as to add to this checklist? Share them with us within the feedback part under!


Editor’s Word: This put up was initially revealed on October 28, 2015, and has been up to date for high quality and relevancy.





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