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10 Amazing True Survival Stories Too Incredible To Be Real


These true survival tales will go away you in awe of the unbelievable human spirit and sheer will to outlive regardless of the odds.

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  1. Ricky Megee
  2. Joe Simpson and Simon Yates
  3. Aron Ralston
  4. Mauro Prosperi
  5. Douglas Mawson
  6. Marina Chapman
  7. Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight
  8. Andes Plane Crash Survivors
  9. Sully Sullenberger and the Crew and Passengers of U.S. Airways Flight 1549
  10. The Chilean Miners

True Survival Tales: Tales of Surviving the Unattainable

1. Ricky Megee

We’ve seen survival films you wouldn’t assume potential in actual life till you come throughout well-documented true survival tales from random folks.

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In 2006, employees in a cattle station in one of the vital distant areas of Australia stumbled on a person named Ricky Megee. He claimed to have been stranded within the Australian outback for 70 days.

Megee stated the very last thing he remembered was his automobile breaking down throughout his cross-country drive. There may be some hypothesis that he was the sufferer of a violent assault throughout which he was probably drugged. When he gained consciousness, he realized his demise.

For over two months, Megee survived on solely frogs, snakes, lizards, and the water he present in a close-by dam. He misplaced over half his physique weight upon rescue.

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Try the Geo TV video beneath through AwKahoot to study extra about Ricky Megee’s survival story:

2. Joe Simpson and Simon Yates

Along with Joe Simpson, Simon Yates climbed Siula Grande in 1985, through the hitherto unclimbed west face. On the descent, Simpson fell by means of a cornice, breaking his proper leg and heel.

To proceed descending, Yates then used ropes to decrease Simpson down the mountain in phases. Whereas descending within the evening in dangerous climate, Yates lowered Simpson over an unseen cliff edge.

This meant that he was hanging over a deep crevasse with solely Simpson’s maintain on the rope to forestall him falling. To keep away from falling off the mountain himself, Yates lower the rope.

Simpson thus fell roughly 50 toes into the crevasse. He survived the autumn, unbeknownst to Yates, who assumed he died.

Simpson managed to climb out of the crevasse and reached base camp 4 days later. Some mountaineers have been very vital of Yates’ determination to chop the rope on his associate.

Yates argued that he couldn’t depend on a military of individuals to assist since they have been far on the mountain flank with a raging storm in progress.

Regardless of this determination, his rescue try contributed considerably to saving Simpson’s life. Simpson has at all times vehemently defended Yates, saying he would have finished it himself given the identical place. (through Wikipedia)

Watch Right this moment’s interviews with Simpson and Yates beneath for his or her true survival tales on this video by the World Expeditions:

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3. Aron Ralston

In 2003, a young climber named Aron Ralston got down to conquer Bluejohn Canyon in Utah. When an 800-pound boulder shifted, Ralston discovered himself trapped in opposition to the canyon wall together with his hand crushed underneath the boulder.

After six days of what he calls “sleep-deprived, meandering ideas,” Ralston made the tough determination to make use of his multitool to amputate his personal arm and free himself. He then repelled to security.

Ralston’s story impressed the film 127 Hours. Study extra about his survival story within the video beneath by TLC through Sirtoppim:

4. Mauro Prosperi

In 2014, an Italian runner named Mauro Prosperi got down to full the Marathon des Sables — a brutal six-day run in the Sahara desert. By day 4, he was making good time within the race (he was in fourth place) and had begun to fall in love with the desert panorama.

Prosperi’s luck modified when he discovered himself in the course of an eight-hour sandstorm that left him disoriented, misplaced, and alone.

With only a few provides and MREs available, and after making an attempt and failing to be a magnet for two passing planes, Prosperi survived for 10 days by consuming his personal distilled urine and consuming bats.

Study extra about his superb survival story by watching the video by 20th Century Fox beneath:

5. Douglas Mawson

Douglas Mawson is now an Australian hero resulting from his historic Antarctic exploration mission within the early 20th century. In response to Cracked.com:

On December 14, 1912, Mawson and his two colleagues, Belgrave Ninnis and Xavier Mertz, have been returning to base after efficiently not dying for a couple of days… when Ninnis fell right into a crevasse, dragging their sledge, their provides, and most of their canine down with him. They have been round 310 miles from house.

Ultimately, Mertz died from chilly and exhaustion, leaving Mawson to soldier on alone… Then, unbelievably (or maybe completely believably), Mawson’s sledge received wedged within the snow.

He additionally fell right into a crevasse, the place he “dangled helplessly above the abyss, together with his sledge behind him edging in the direction of the lip.”

After pulling himself up from a frozen grave and surviving 32 days in the harshest environment on the planet, Mawson lastly reached his hut.

He was then advised that he must wait 10 extra months in Antarctica. The ship meant to take him again house had sailed off only some hours earlier, believing him useless.

Study extra about Mawson’s journey and survival within the video beneath by Right this moment I Discovered Out:

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6. Marina Chapman

Of all of the true survival tales right here, Marina Chapman’s story is perhaps probably the most distinctive and unbelievable. True survival tales within the wilderness don’t get any extra superb than this.

Although there may be some hypothesis that her survival story could also be unfaithful or embellished, Chapman states she was kidnapped from her Colombian village. At 4 years previous, she was then deserted within the jungle.

Unable to fend for herself, she started to comply with a bunch of capuchin monkeys. She stated, they “raised” her rescue by hunters round age 10.

Throughout her time within the jungle, Chapman took shelter in timber and lived off of untamed berries and bananas. After her rescue, Chapman says she was bought to a brothel and lived as a road urchin.

She was additionally enslaved by a mafia household earlier than lastly adopted round age 14.

Do you assume her survival story is true? Try the video by Buzz Sourse beneath:

7. Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight

Between 2003 and 2004, Ariel Castro kidnapped these three younger girls in Cleveland. They spent the subsequent ten years captive in his house.

They suffered harsh dwelling circumstances, hunger, and bodily, psychological, and sexual abuse. One among them (Amanda Berry) was even impregnated by Castro and gave delivery to a daughter throughout her captivity.

In 2013, Berry’s younger daughter seen that her father’s automobile was not within the driveway and alerted her mom. Appearing quick, Berry grabbed the kid and ran out into the road, crying for assist.report this advert

She known as 911 from a neighbor’s cellphone, and the three girls have been lastly rescued. These girls’s story is a real testimony to how a lot a human being can stand up to and simply how robust the desire to dwell is.

Watch this interview by BBC Newsnight with two of the kidnapping survivors beneath:

8. Andes Airplane Crash Survivors

Uruguayan Air Drive Flight 571 was a chartered flight carrying 45 folks, together with a rugby union group. With them additionally have been their mates, household, and associates.

The aircraft crashed within the Andes on 13 October 1972, in an incident referred to as the Andes flight catastrophe. Within the Hispanic world and South America, additionally it is referred to as the Miracle within the Andes (El Milagro de los Andes).

Greater than 1 / 4 of the passengers died within the crash and a number of other others shortly succumbed to chilly and harm. Of the 27 who have been alive a couple of days after the accident, one other eight died due to an avalanche that swept over their shelter within the wreckage.

Rescue got here for the final 16 survivors on 23 December 1972, greater than two months after the crash. The survivors had little meals and no supply of warmth within the harsh circumstances at over 3,600 metres (11,800 ft) altitude.

Confronted with hunger and radio information studies that search and rescue stopped, the survivors ate up the useless passengers preserved within the snow.

Rescuers didn’t study of the survivors till 72 days after the crash when passengers Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa, after a 10-day trek throughout the Andes, discovered Chilean arriero Sergio Catalán.

He then, gave them meals and alerted the authorities to the existence of the opposite survivors. (through Wikipedia)

Watch this video documentary concerning the Andes Airplane Crash by Historical past Channel through ro7477:

9. Sully Sullenberger and the Crew and Passengers of U.S. Airways Flight 1549

On January 15, 2009, U.S. Airways flight 1549 took off from LaGuardia airport in New York, heading for Charlotte, North Carolina. After only a few minutes, the aircraft struck a flock of geese, inflicting each engines to fail.

In an act of braveness, fast considering, and distinctive airmanship, the pilot, “Sully” Sullenberger alerted air site visitors management that he can be touchdown the aircraft on the Hudson River.

And he did simply that, saving the lives of his whole crew and all 150 passengers on board the aircraft.

Study extra concerning the historic flight within the video beneath by AIRBOYD:

10. The Chilean Miners

The 2010 Copiapó mining accident, additionally recognized then because the “Chilean mining accident”, started within the afternoon of Thursday, 5 August 2010 as a major cave-in on the troubled 121-year-old San José copper–gold mine.

The buried males, who turned referred to as “Los 33” (“The 33”), discovered themselves trapped 700 meters (2,300 ft) underground and about 5 kilometers (3 mi) from the mine’s entrance through spiraling underground service ramps.

The blended crew of skilled miners and technical assist personnel, with much less expertise working underground, survived for a report 69 days deep underground earlier than their rescue. (through Wikipedia)

The video beneath by CBS tells the superb story of the Chilean miners’ survival and rescue:

It’s actually superb what human beings are able to underneath strain. We don’t actually know what we’re capable of stand up to or how far we’re keen to go to outlive till we’re in a state of affairs the place we don’t have a alternative.

The reality is, most of us won’t ever be in these sorts of survival state of affairs, however it doesn’t imply we shouldn’t put together. By studying from these inspirational tales of survival, we make ourselves higher survivalists. Attempt to study some sea, dessert, or jungle survival skills earlier than you end up in a survival state of affairs.

Do you’ve gotten different unbelievable survival tales to share? Do share it with us within the feedback part beneath!

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